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How to Get Listings: 18 Luxury Listing Agents Spill Their Secrets

How did you get your first listing?

“I received my first listing by being persistent with acquiring a buyer for a prominent property in Pasadena. The owner was impressed and I was given the opportunity.  Alongside my co-listing partner we had it in escrow within seven days!”

If you were just starting out today as a new agent would you do anything differently?

“Attend more open houses in different cities to have a better understanding of the overall Southern California market conditions with the agents respectfully hosting.”

What advice do you have for new agents trying to get listings, or seasoned buyer’s agents looking to become listing agents?

“With new agents, I suggest bolstering your social platform! Establish a strong social link to your circle and spread it out with Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc. With seasoned buyer’s agents looking to establish as a listing agent, simply reach out to your client sphere that you have built on the buy side and see who’s looking to sell, ask for referrals from your clients that had confidence with you to help secure a purchase. It’s all about relationships and confidence in yourself!

My personal approach to this question, however, is to start early with both sides.”

“Establish a strong bond to both sellers and buyers as they are all relative to the end game of making parties satisfied with their wants and needs!”

“My current numbers reflect a balance with a slight edge to seller’s representation. However, my advice would be to try and react to the current market conditions and adapt when it’s a buyer’s market vs a seller’s market.”Go to the article by clicking this link: